Linda Borg
Advanced Care Paramedic-Manager

 I am a paramedic who achieved a  business degree in Emergency Services in 2012 which helped my transition into managing the ambulance service.  I have been in EMS for 28 years and am happy to call the Stettler area my home.


Shelby Krahn
Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Shelby is newlywed and lives in Erskine with her husband. She started casual for AHS in the North Zone and is excited to work for SDAA. She enjoys horseback riding, any outside activities, volleyball, reading and baking. We look forward to getting to know you Shelby!

Carrie Jordan
Advanced Care Paramedic

Have been a paramedic for 13 years, and worked in Stettler for the past 5.  I live in Calgary and spend most of my time off hanging out with my family and pets.  It is a privilege to be able to serve the community in a rural area much like the one in which I was born and raised.

Brian McMeekin
Advanced Care Paramedic (Casual)

I am a paramedic and have been in EMS for over 12 years. I have been working in Stettler since 2014. In my spare time I fly small aircraft, ride my motorcycle, bicycle and run. It is a privilege for me to be working for Stettler County and I look forward to serving the town and county.


Rochelle Carpentier
Advanced Care Paramedic

Rochelle moved to Stettler 7 years ago to work for SDAA.  She resides in Stettler with her 17 year old daughter.

Rochelle graduated from SAIT in 2010 and worked in Oyen, Provost and Saskatchewan for 2 years prior to coming to Stettler.

Rochelle loves horses and rides a lot on her parents cattle ranch east of Consort.  She also enjoys reading, walking her dog and working for SDAA.


Mark Ratch
Advanced Care Paramedic/Supervisor

Mark lives in Stettler with his wife and has family in Stettler and area.  He did his PCP practicum in Stettler years ago.  He worked for Edmonton ERD as aa ACP, Maskwacis EMS, Spruce Grove Fire Services and now with SDAA and the Stettler Regional Fire Department.  He loves to waterski, fish, kayak and ride his motorcycle.


 Eric Bell
Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Eric grew up in Barrhead, AB and currently lives in Calgary with his partner.  Eric worked as an undergrad at the occupational physiology lab at the U of A and moved on 3 years ago to complete his PCP training.  He spent a year working oilfield EMS in Grande Prairie, and now works with Associated Ambulance and SDAA as a casual employee. 

In the winter months Eric plays/refs a fair amount of hockey up to and including Junior A and college levels.  In the summer month he does a lot of hiking, camping, fishing, and golfing.  When he gets free time, he tries as much as possible travelling and exploring the world.

Eric is excited to join our team!  If you have any questions about him, feel free to reach out and ask!



Ken Middlebrough

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Ken is a new PCP in our Stettler Community.  He resides in Stettler currently with his wife and is new to the EMS industry, prior he was in Wildfire Management for 10 fire seasons across Canada. 




Nathan Ould

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Nathan is an new recruit for our Stettler Community.  He currently resides in Edmonton and is planning on making the move to our community.  He has worked on the Hope Mission van in Edmonton and is looking forward to the transition into EMS with both AHS and Stettler.  He loves to play underwater hockey, which he will miss.


Leisha Lane

Primary Care Paramedic

Leisha lives in Stettler.  She started her career up north working at Cadotte Lake & Little Buffalo, then moved to Stettler and started working for SDAA.  When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her children, kayaking, horseback riding, yoga & travelling as much as possible.


Jeff Matsuda

Advanced Care Paramedic/Supervisor

I started my Emergency Services career in Yellowknife, NWT in 1989 and graduated the Advanced Care Paramedic class in 2004.  Working in a dual service environment for most of my career, I retired from the firefighting side of things after 20 years.  Graduating high school in Castor, you could say I've come full circle.  It's been a wild and exciting career so far, full of opportunities and achievements.  I have a few good years left in me and would rather meet you at a local coffee shop rather than in my "office" .  


 Taylor Nichols

Advanced Care Paramedic

Taylor has joined our team of casual PCP's. Taylor resides in Castor and is currently in school attaining his ACP diploma. He has been in EMS since 2015 with ECAS and is also a member of the Castor Volunteer Fire Department. In his spare time he can be found hiking, skiing or riding his motorbike. Taylor looks forward to making the community of Stettler his second home. 

Crystal Lawrence-Piggot
Advanced Care Paramedic (Casual)

Crystal has been an EMT-A since 2009, has been working in Stettler for about 5 years, and recently completed her paramedic training.  Although she lives in Leduc, Settler has become a second home for Crystal and the community holds a special place her heart. She loves spending time outside at home on her days off with her family, friends, and fur babies! Crystal is excited to see all of your smiling happy faces throughout town!


Kimberley Darbin
Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Kim lives in Langdon, AB with her husband and four children. She previously worked for Caroline Ambulance and, in addition she owns her own business in which she teaches safety courses and provides medical standby for various events. She homeschools her children and they love to travel together.  One of their favorite things to do is to get in their vehicle, take off and explore anywhere and everywhere they can.



Melanie Porter-Walsh

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

We welcome Melanie Porter-Walsh to SDAA as a casual PCP. Melanie currently lives in Stettler and has been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful friends that are her family now. Melanie graduated in 2014 and began working in Northern AB in 2017 at Cadotle Lake and currently also working at Atikameg. Melanie loves to snowboard and hike and is very much looking forward to learning new skills and furthering her education in the next few years.




Jhon Jimenz 

Advanced Care Paramedic (Casual)

Jhon is from Columbia, Cartagena, located in South America.  He moved to Canada in 2008 and is currently living in the beautiful city of Calgary.

He started his career volunteering for St. John's Ambulance and Caroline District Ambulance.  I worked for SDAA as a casual PCP for for 3 years and then became an advanced care paramedic this year.

He loves being active, going to the gym, mountain biking, hiking, playing soccer and my guitar.

Brad Snodgrass

Advanced Care Paramedic 

Brad was raised in Stettler and recently moved back to Stettler.  Brad and his wife are co-owners of Shoppers Drug Mart in Stettler.  They have 2 boys - 11 and 9 years old.  Brad spent 2 years as an EMT-A in Redwater, Ab, 10 years as a Paramedic/Educator at Medicine Hat, AB and was with AHS for 7 years IFT North Edmonton as a supervisor and frontline practitioner.

Brad's interested are crossfit, volleyball, golf, pharmacy and vacationing with the family.


Cameron Miller

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Cam lives in Stettler County with his wife Carmen and 2 boys.  He is a volunteer firefighter with the Stettler Regional Fire Department and a Tech with GM during the week.  He has been an ACP since 2012 and also works casually for AHS - Central Zone.  His interests are photography, hiking, camping, quadding, gardening, and creating projects at home in his shop.




Kaylea Dunsmore

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

 Kaylea grew up in Consort and moved to Red Deer after high school.  Kaylea worked as an EMR in the industrial field to help her fund her PCP education.  She currently works for AHS and SDAA as a casual PCP.  She spends a lot of time in the gym, hiking and spending time on the lake.  She is eager to learn and excited to be part of our team.



Caleb Ould

Advanced Care Paramedic 


I live in Three Hills with my wife and her cat.  I have been working in the south zone and central zone for 1 year now.  I am a volunteer firefighter for the Three Hills Fire Department since 2013.  I enjoy hiking, camping, flying gliders and single engine aircraft.



Rebeca Woodward

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)

Welcome back! Rebeca was a PCP student with SDAA some years ago, and now she has joined our team as a new casual PCP. Rebeca met her husband at SDAA (Ed Woodward), and now they are married, living in Calgary and have 3 children together. Being back in Stettler brings back her fond memories. Rebeca also worked for AHS Central and Calgary Zone. Aviation and travel are a big part of her life, her favorite country to visit is Iceland. We look forward to working with you Rebeca!


Husein Lockhat

Advanced Care Paramedic (Casual)


 Husein recently returned to Stettler after living on the East Coast for almost 20 years. After studying in Charlottetown, he decided to spend ‘a year’ in Nova Scotia. A year long adventure turned into a long term career and very rewarding life with a wonderful wife, three boys and more than a few pets along the way.

Having grown up on the prairies, his career in EMS started by volunteering for the local volunteer ambulance service. Shortly after, his family moved to Stettler where he continued his career, starting as an EMR, and then as an EMT as he continued college studies. He then chose to experience the East Coast while studying to become an Advanced Care Paramedic. He would still work in Stettler for a short time after as an ACP, thought he's spent most

of his career with EHS in Nova Scotia.

Husein likes spending time with his family. He likes to spend time outdoors, mountain biking, swimming and camping. In the winter months, he lives the true ‘Canadian’ lifestyle…hours and hours at the hockey rink. Having returned to AB, he will hopefully squeeze in a few days at the ski hill as well.

Nova Scotia was a great place to live and work, but family trumps all. He is excited to return to Stettler and spend a lot more time with the rest his extended family… grandparents, aunts, uncles, and loads of cousins



Patricia Minions

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)


Patricia was born and raised in Calgary and still resides in the city with her partner and cat.  After leaving her career as a professional administrator, she started her EMS career in 2015.  She currently works as a PCP for British Columbia Ambulance Service. She is currently in the ACP program and excited to continue working with a new skill set.  She enjoys crocheting, writing and playing music with her friends in a band, hiking, biking, gardening, or just spending quality time at home with her cat and partner.  She is excited to add the community of Stettler as another home away from home.





Justin Shogren

Primary Care Paramedic (Casual)


Justin lives in Calgary with his wife and 2 young daughters. He is currently working diligently as an ACP student. His interests are skiing and camping for the much needed downtime in EMS.