To provide a patient focused emergency medical service of quality and safety




The Stettler District Ambulance Association strives to meet the changing needs of clients and families and the broader community for pre-hospital and out of hospital care. We believe that by the timely application of the advances of both the art and science of medicine to the practice of emergency medical services, we can decrease suffering, improve the health of the community, save lives and meet the priorities set by government.



Our values define what we believe in and what we stand for as an association.  They provide us with a common understanding of what’s important, anchor our thinking and serve as a framework for our actions.  The values statement is reviewed every three years for any needed definition changes or updates.


Six Ways

Our values describe “6 ways” we can personally demonstrate our commitment to patient care in our daily interactions with patients, their families and our colleagues.  SDAA employees , Administration Staff and Management are expected to use the values to lead our work, our actions and decisions.  Doing so consistently, enables us to build a strong ethical climate.


Values in Action


Our values include the following: