Medic 8

2017 Chev Crestline






Medic 7


Our new addition to the fleet 2014 Chev Crestline with the following employees from left to right (Tony Presley – paramedic/supervisor, Hannah Tulloch – casual EMT-A and Geoff Coward – Casual EMT-A)

Medic 5

2010 Chev Crestline.  Crew members from left to right ( Frank Gorjans, Jhon Jimenz, Leisha Hansel, Carrie Jordan, Tony Presley, Crystal Lawrence-Piggott, Brian McMeekin and Gordon Stevenson)

PRU (Paramedic Response Unit)

2020 Chevy Tahoe

Paramedic Response Units (PRUs) are staffed by a single, experienced paramedic  and can supplement the regular paramedic transport fleet of 2 Stettler ALS ambulances at peak staffing.  PRUs are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment and communications equipment. The PRU will provide operational support and leadership in accordance with designated medical control guidelines and provincial protocols, Stettler District Ambulance policies and procedures, the Health Disciplines Act of Alberta and the Ambulance Services Act of Alberta.

PRU’s assist in improving response times when and ambulance may not be readily available (Code Red).  The PRU may arrive first on the scene, assess and begin treating patients until the transport ambulance arrives.  PRUs do not typically transport patients to hospital, they are not required to wait at emergency departments to offload patients and can be reassigned to new calls sooner.

Linda Borg (Manager) and Brian McMeekin (ACP)


PRU (Paramedic Response Unit)

This PRU is decommissioned due to the new PRU and used primarily as a management vehicle by the Manager.  The Manager will use this vehicle perform various tasks necessary to maintain and sustain the leadership, efficiency and quality of the general operation of the service.