The Capsule For Life Program is a growing program that is being implemented into rural communities through-out the province.  The intent of this program is to provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with the required information needed about clients when 911 is called.  

Many times EMS has no access to patient medications and history, due to various reasons (poor patient historian, unconscious or unresponsive client, medications locked up or no home care or family support present).  With the support of the Stettler Housing Authority and Savage Drugs, Stettler District Ambulance is pleased to announce the continuation of this program in Stettler.

The Capsule for Life would require the consent of the client, family or guardians due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Stettler District Ambulance will provide an information sheet to be filled out by the client, family members, or guardian.  There in turn, the rolled up sheet would be placed in a medication capsule to be stored in the client’s medicine cabinet in the main bathroom of a client’s residence.  Once the program has been activated, all EMS personnel would retrieve the capsule for their information and ensure it was placed back, when called to the client’s address for an emergency call.


If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Frank Gorjans, Capsule for Life Coordinator of Stettler District Ambulance at (403)742-1900.