The Stettler District Ambulance Association is working towards achieving accreditation standards from Accreditation Canada in 2014-2015.  Alberta Health Services has made this is a requirement of all emergency medical services in the province of Alberta to attain accepted standards of quality and safety.


The Stettler District Ambulance Association’s mission statement is to provide a patient focused emergency medical service of quality and safety.  This ties into our main strategic goal which is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable.   The Stettler District Ambulance Association is striving to reach quality improvement initiatives, raising community awareness about issues and demonstrating performance in key areas. 

As part of the initiatives, the Board has elected to recognize every January as Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Month.  All employees will be involved in education and training in January to promote awareness about prevention and response of workplace violence, harassment and bullying.

The ambulances in Stettler have responded in the last year to 1529 calls.  Emergency calls response of 593, Non-emergency calls of 350, Inter-facility transfers 563 and Other (fire stand-by’s and flexes to other communities) 23.  Our statistics indicate the service was busiest in the month of January, the busiest hours of the day were between 10 and noon for inter-facility transfers, however busiest from 7-10 a.m. for emergencies.  Friday’s were the busiest days for inter-facility transfers, but Saturdays were busies for emergency calls.

The year 2015 will be an exciting and new phase of emergency medical services for Stettler.  Our new ambulance will arrive in January. We will be transitioning into the provincial dispatch system as of March 31, 2014.  All ambulance have had mobile data terminals installed allowing a more efficient deployment and dispatching of ambulances based on current location and resources.  September we will join the province wide electronic patient care reporting system.  Many more changes coming in the new year in regards to quality and safety system changes and additions.

A Client Satisfaction Survey has been added to the ambulance section on the County of Stettler No. 6 website.  We encourage feedback from clients and family members in regards to letting us know about the quality of service you received from our Paramedics and EMT-A’s.  Random face to face client satisfaction surveys will also be conducted by interviewing clients and/or family members about their experience with the ambulance service.  We hope to launch our own website in February 2015!

The Stettler District Ambulance Association will be working expediously over the next few years to attain its goal of Qmentum from Accreditation Canada.  We welcome any feedback or interest from the community in achieving this goal..

Our practitioners regularly participate in community events and fundraisers.  They recently just participated in the Annual Emergency Services Charity Check Stop