The Stettler District Ambulance Association(SDAA) has named January as Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Month to create awareness and provide education for practitioners in regards to violence in the workplace.  The Association strives to:


  • To foster a respectful and supportive workplace environment with the Stettler District Ambulance Association (SDAA) that contributes to the safety and security of individuals

  • To ensure that workplace violence is considered a serious offence and is addressed appropriately and in accordance with SDAA legal obligations, values, and principles of a just culture.

  • To set out the strategies for the prevention of and response to violence against  SDAA staff members and representatives in the workplace

  • To enhance awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and supports of individuals who are subjected to, or who become aware of, situations involving physical or non-physical violence (including sexual abuse and harassment and cyber bullying) against SDAA staff members or representatives in the workplace


SDAA is committed to providing respectful, secure and supportive work environments to ensure the safety and well being of all individuals.  SDAA does not tolerate or condone any violent actions or behaviours towards any SDAA staff member or representative.  SDAA will take action in an objective manner to address reports of workplace violence without retribution to SDAA personnel who reports incidents in good faith.  This commitment is consistent with SDAA mission, vision and values as well as the standards of duty to disclose and protection from retaliation as set out in the Safe Disclosure/ Whistleblower Policy.


SDAA supports these commitments through the establishment, implementation, communication, and maintenance of appropriate processes and procedures that address the key elements.  SDAA practitioners will be involved in education and training in January to help promote a violence free workplace which fosters respect for all.